Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Rafts, Eight Kids, Hot Weather . . .

And a totally fun river.

The rafts were slightly unequal, a Sturdy, Competent Self-Bailer and a Little Raft. Shelly and I were in the SCSB, with Skye as our valiant captain, and Ster and Josh as our oarsmen.
Tal, Thom and Forrest were in the LR ahead of the rest of us, leading the charge!
Fortunately we managed to make it under the bridge, and wave at the driver before a calamity struck.

The LR was zipping along, smoothly cresting and falling, taunting the large rapids, practically daring them to . . . . .
Uh oh! Flip her!

Sterling caught a glimpse of the raft just as it tipped, and shouted “OH NO! They tipped over!” Right then we went into the chain of rapids that had done the dastardly deed; a particularly mean beast was the runner up, and at one point all you could see was a wall of water looming over the five of us.

Tal managed to swim to shore, and we picked him up and then tried to catch Forrest and Thom who were holding onto the raft. We never did really catch them; they managed to beach the boat and we landed nearby. They were so cold! Fortunately the three river rats had wet suits on. We stood around in the sun for a while, letting Thomas and Austin get warmed up again. Austin had lost his paddle and our Valiant Captain told Shelly since she was acting Lieutenant, it was HER job to find the paddle. Our Intrepid Lieutenant spotted it . . . in some weeds . . . on the other side of the river.

About half way down, Steve met us and we gave him the little raft that flipped, and let him take Austin and Tallis, and the rest of us went on down the river. You thought the first part of this story was exciting? HA! We conquered the Hole in The Wall, AND the Eileen Dam.

Eileen used to cross the river as nearly all good dams do, and someone blew up one of her ends, so you must make about three really sharp hairpin turns in quick succession, and there are some huge rapids. As we pushed and shoved our way around the 2nd pin, cresting one of the larger piles of water, Josh fell out! But he was a good guy and hung onto the raft rope AND his paddle!! The Hole in The Wall, was almost completely cover with water, amazing! Next time we go, the river will be lower, so we can gauge the level of hmmmm, water dropage? :-)

And at BA Beach we hailed our driver just hopping out of the truck. The Moyie was so high, we made it down in record time. In spite of the river's best efforts, we all crawled out to meet him; wet, extremely cold and happy to be on dry land!

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