Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 17th 2008

This is a date we were waiting for for a VERY long time. As you know this day has passed already and I want to tell you why that was a special day.

About 1 a half months ago I got a letter for an appointment at that day. An appointment for an interview at the US Embassy in Bern, CH. I was not excited for the interview itself but that was the last step and the deciding step about if I get my K-1 Visa or not. To give you a picture of our situation: We have been waiting for this visa for more than 10 months and we haven't seen us for almost 8 months :-0

So I went to the embassy last Thursday morning. 9:30 am was my date. So I was there with a lot of documents and letters and other stuff they told me to bring with me. Security must be very important for them, I had to go through 2 security checks before I could go to where I was supposed to go. I remembered form my last visit at the embassy 2 years ago that waiting is what you do most when you go there. And that was very true. I didn't have to wait too long, maybe 15 min. , until I could talk to a man the first time. He wanted all my documents and checked if I had everything with me that they want. I did except of one document from the military. I had something abut it was not exactly what they want and of course that doesn't work. He didn't seem to be too worried about that and moved on. After perhaps 5 min. he told me I can go and sit down until he put everything in his computer and then he would call me again for the interview. So I sat down to the other about 30 people who were waiting there already...

It was BORING!!! waiting waiting waiting waiting..... waiting waiting waiting..... There was a TV that showed a women soccer game... From time to time you heard a voice through a speaker calling a name. I never understood any of the names but somebody always did, got up and went to the window, talked for a couple minutes and then left. More people came sat down and did the same as I did; WAITING. I don't know how long I was sitting on that chair, I guess 1 a half hours. And then I heard something that sounded very similar to my name so I got up and got to window #10.

The same man talked to me again, in English of course. He was very friendly. He told me that everything is all right with my documents and the missing document from the military I can just mail to them when I have it. I don't need to come here again. Then his college came to interview me. I expected a long interview with many questions. So I was really surprised when he told me it was over after maybe 4 questions. I wanted to ask him some questions about what I need to do after we are married but he didn't seem to be willing for answering my questions. He gave me a little information sheet and then said goodbye.

That was all! I grabbed my stuff and left the Embassy. It was almost 12 pm! I went to a friend in Bern for lunch and then to the office from the military. I asked the man there to give me that document but he said that doesn't go so quickly. So gave him all the information he needed and left.

That was my day in Bern. It takes time for me to realize what is going on. I AM GOING TO AMERICA SOON !!! CRAZY.

A little side note: On Saturday, 2 days later, I received the letter from the military already... I am getting more and more excited!

It's time to look for a flight :-)


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Rivers Daughter said...

WEEEEEHOOOOOOO, and am I EVER looking forward to you getting here. That way we'll have our cool brother in-law, more room in our bedroom, another fun home to go and visit and a wedding to weep at (or cheer if your the boys). Ahhh what joys the next month will bring!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...