Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THE letter !!!

"Markus, there is a thick letter for you in the mail today. It is from Bern - Amer-ikan - E- e-mm bass--i. Must be the one you are waiting for." YES! No doubts it is THE letter. It is not just joy I felt when I read through it but also tribulation. Why? Well, what do you think was in the letter? More forms to fill out and more paperwork I have to do. I got a Step-by-Step-Manual: First do this immediately or we won't do anything else for you. Pay the fee CHF 114.10. Second do that, then third this and Fourth this.

And then when you are done with all of that we will arrange an appointment for an interview with you. And please sign this paper: "I fully realize that no assurance can be given whether a fiance visa will be issued to me." (really encouraging)

Anyway, I have to go on and try to get all those 12 different documents together they are asking for. Fortunately a car ran me over two months ago and I am not able to go to work still. So I have the time to do all this.

Americans have different passport photo than Europeans. No problem for Swiss people. You find several photo companies which can print you exactly what you need. So I went to get 4 photos, kein Problem. It was also not a problem for the company to charge me CHF 40 for these :-0

What can I say, Paul already knew that this would happen; "But those who marry will face many troubles in this life." 1. Corinthians 7:28 :-)

GOD is in charge!


Donzel said...

oh my.....

Rivers Daughter said...

Markus I'm laughing at your writing, you did a wonderful job...but keep it up! I'm 110 post ahead of you.