Friday, April 18, 2008

# 1

Hello invisible world. It is nice to meet you. I have heard a LOT about you already and now get the chance to meet you in , hmm...person???, the nothing. I would not say that I am a good writer so don't expect too much from me. But there is still hope, I am not alone. Actually if I was, I would not have started this blog. But we need some time to get started and right now we have many other important things to take care of.
It is nice that you took the time to say HELLO. I hope to see you again soon. Keep yourself stable.



Donzel said...

ich leibe dich!

Telly Girl said...

Oh my! Markus has a blog!! hey, now we can blog together! won't that be fun! hee hee, but really I think you should have made it pink... like mine...:D or not..Wellll anyways hope you write a whole bunch on it! you got the time.
Love your little sis sis

Jordan said...

Yeah! Do I get to be included in the invisible world??? :P Hehe...nice blog. Love the northern lights picture!


You are already in it, the invisible world. Distance is a word with no meaning here.

Yes I love it, It is my dream to see it by myself one day.

Hannah Jean said...

Hmmm... Welcome to cyberland. :)

principessa janina said...

An own blog... thats good so we can keep in touch and I get to see a lot more of the wonderful pictures you always take! :-) I am so happy for you, my lovely Donzel! Be blessed, you two!
Greetings from Germany*

Michelle said...

That's wonderful you two have a blog! I look forward with bated breath to more posts. And that's one excellent slideshow you have too (especially the one with Toblerone!).

Love you both,