Wednesday, September 2, 2009

There we go. Wasn't that hard was it??????????

It is about 3 x 2 inches big, 1/32 thick and made of plastic. It is amazing what this means for some people. They do almost everything to get it. Spend hours on the Internet and download forms which they fill out with no end of trouble, make phone calls, drive to places, talk to lots of different people and write checks like mad. And then they wait and wait and wait and wait. And wait. And hope for THE DAY. A day like the 2nd of September 2009. The door bell rings. Ding, dong (it could also sound like; bim bam, or drringgg it doesn't matter at all how it sound like for this story. So don't worry about it. You can just pick one you like. Best might be when you imagine one that sounds very typical for a door bell so you don't confuse it with the clock which is hanging at the wall in the living room. As I said, it doesn't matter). Anyway, outside is the postman, asking for some money, for he has a package for me. Then I also need to sign twice and he scans at lot of bar codes (takes him forever) and then I get a little box. And there it is. That tiny little thing some people are so crazy about. Actually people just like me.
Anyway, now I have it too and you all can be jealous of me, hihhihihihihihihi.

I'm very thankful that God watched over the whole process.


PS: If you don't know what I am talking about; it is the Green Card!


Hannah Jean said...

So happy for you!!! :D

Craig and Heather said...




I am actually amazed at how good Markus's writing is.... Really great, honey! :-)